Laundry – Spray And Don’t Wash

Millennials are more likely to buy new outfits rather than washing their dirty clothes.

A spray has been developed that makes dirty clothes smell fresh and appear wrinkle free. Millennials can’t be bothered to wash or hang them.

About 60 percent of 22 to 37-year-olds say they are too tired to do the washing. They also avoid it because they say it damages clothes or is bad for the environment.

Millennials commonly dump clothes in a pile and wear them again. Consumer product giants such as Procte & Gamble are also looking to profit from new ways of not doing the laundry.

Unilever’s detergent Skip has partnered with the Cowash app to connect people with neighbors willing to wash and iron for a fee. Cowash said about 80 percent of its customers have washing machines but use the service to avoid doing laundry and ironing clothes.

How lazy. Many millennials will buy a new outfit to avoid washing, ironing and folding or hanging clothes.

God help us all. These young people are the future leaders of this great nation.


Pakistan failing to deal with terrorist networks including the Haqqani network and the Afghan Taliban

Pakistan military allows terrorist to organize and operate within Pakistan while Pakistan military officers line their pockets with U.S. tax payer dollars.
Pakistan provides a safe haven to militant networks, allowing them to carry out cross border attacks in Afghanistan.

President Donald Trump has accused Pakistan of deceiving the US while receiving billions of dollars in military aid packages.
US military has plans to cancel $300m in Pakistan military aid.

The US state department has criticized Pakistan for failing to deal with terrorist networks operating on its soil, including the Haqqani network and the Afghan Taliban.

U.S. Col Faulkner said “We continue to press Pakistan to indiscriminately target all terrorist groups,” adding that the $300m aid package which had earlier been suspended should be used elsewhere due to “a lack of Pakistani decisive actions” in tackling these issues.

Obama speaking at McCain funeral campaigns for Democrats

Former President Barack Obama took swipes at President Trump on Saturday in a eulogy for John McCain.

The remarks were made during a funeral service at Washington National Cathedral for the Arizona Republican, who died last week.

It’s a sad day in America when Obama and other democrats turn a respected republicans funeral into a reelection campaign event.
This is neither the time nor the place to unleash political attack dogs.

Bikini-barista coffee chain in California drawing criticism

Bottoms Up Espresso bikini coffee shop” chain, which already operates six locations in California with female baristas who wear little more than lingerie or swimwear, is drawing criticism.

The founders of the coffee chain said “their baristas aren’t wearing anything Californians wouldn’t see on a beach.
“We are a very classy business and pride ourselves on customer service and quality drinks. We have dress codes that expose less then you would see at a pool or beach.

“We’re trying to keep it classy, not trashy. There are no G-strings. We have a handbook and employee policies. Those policies help keep employees presentable.”

I Like It I would like to see one open soon in my neighborhood.

Democrats Target Small Family Owned Business That Donates To Republican Party

Democrats have declared war on popular family-owned hamburger chain on the West Coast.
Eric Bauman, the chairman of the California Democratic Party, called for an immediate boycott of In-N-Out Burger chain. said “Left-leaning Fast Food Fans Lose Appetite After In-N-Out Burger Donates to California Republicans.” reports that In-N-Out also donated money to a political action committee that supports Democratic candidates who are “considered cordial to businesses.”

Democrats say “it’s morally offensive for business owners to back pro-business Republicans in a state that is run by decidedly anti-business lawmakers, anti-business democrat party and a anti-business governor.

Support American business right to donate to any party that they see fit to donate to.

Eat More Beef – In-N-Out Burger

Brennan ranks Trump presidency as ‘third great crisis in American history

Former CIA Director John Brennan said “Trump’s presidency “is the third great crisis in American history” behind the Revolutionary War and Civil War.”

Brennan may have this one right. A study of history will confirm that the end results of both of these events strengthened America. Both were turning points in establishing freedom for all American citizens. Both events clearly demonstrated why the first and second amendments to the constitution are so important , establishing them in American law.

America endured and over come the root causes of the American Revolutionary War and Civil War. America was stronger, more united with a more dynamic government and industrial base. Putting America in the forefront to becoming a world leader in defending freedom loving peoples everywhere.

Brennan is walking on thin ice, navigating a thin red line between his freedom of speech or slipping left of that line into territory reserved for traders, treasonous speech and actions.

Chicago – 58 shot with 6 killed over this past weekend

Gianno Caldwell, a Fox News political analyst and native of Chicago said “Chicago is under siege.” In order to solve the onslaught of gun violence in Chicago, President Trump must be involved. He added that Mayor Rahm Emanuel must be ousted.

President Trump must avoid Chicago until Mayor Rahm Emanuel resigns.
Only then evoking the power, knowledge and experience of the DOJ and FBI and other law enforcement agencies.
Using every asset available to a president to rid Chicago of it’s many gangs, murdering thugs and rapist gang members, drug dealers and drug users.