Boycott San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

American-garbage San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand for the national anthem.

All Americans must boycott the San Francisco 49ers until they ‘fire’ this piece of garbage.

Colin Kaepernick is un-American. A piece of garbage that must be cast in to the worlds garbage pile.

Obama To Import 10,000 Potential Muslim Terrorist

Syrians entering the U.S. has surged in recent weeks, government figures show, putting the Obama administration on track to meet his target of admitting 10,000 Syrians before the end of September.

State Department reports show that 2,340 Syrian refugees arrived last month. Total admissions for the current budget year, which ends Sept. 30, now come to about 7,900, and the vast majority of them are Sunni Muslims.

Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., urged President Obama to “immediately stop accepting Syrian refugees as a matter of national security.”

Vern Buchanan said “We are seeing a clear pattern in which a number of recent attacks have been carried out by ISIS terrorists with ties to Syria, including: the July 24 bombing of a music festival in Germany; the July 26 killing of a French priest; and the July 24 murder of a German woman with a machete. Syrians played a part, either as attackers or accomplices, in all three attacks.

Two Iraqi refugees were arrested in 2011 for plotting to send weapons and money to Al Qaeda operatives fighting against U.S. troops back in Iraq. The scheme was foiled, but the case did leave jitters about whether extremists could slip in among the Syrian refugees.

Black Lives Matter Groups Publish Demands

Michaela Brown, a spokeswoman for Baltimore Bloc said we must intervene with an agenda that resists state and corporate power.

The agenda demands an end to the type of militarized police presence at protests, the retroactive decriminalization and immediate release of all people convicted of drug offenses, prostitution, sex work related offenses and youth offenses.

Black Lives Matter demand whites pay reparations to descendants of slaves.

20 Fewer Repeat Drug Offenders

20 overdoses linked to synthetic marijuana called ‘Darkness’

Pennsylvanian Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico says the drug users overdosed over the course of two days last week in the Harrisburg area.

Investigators say the synthetic pot in question was packaged with the word “Darkness.” They suspect some chemical or other substance may have been added to the synthetic pot.

EPA must Act Swiftly

Department of Environmental Conservation says it received multiple complaints July 5 about the smell and smoke emanating from a burning pile of horse manure at a property in the town of Throop, in the Finger Lakes region 20 miles west of Syracuse.

A horse stable had been storing the manure in large piles that spontaneously combusted in the heat and dry conditions.

Grin … Just how much horse shit was there?
It took three local fire departments two hours to douse the burning manure.

A National Crisis – Ban Dogs

It’s a national Crisis, government must take action ‘Now’ and Ban Dogs from driving.

Dog crashes car into West Virginia Walmart.

A terrier got behind the wheel of its owner’s car and drove the vehicle before crashing into a Walmart entrance.

A second dog riding shotgun rolled down the passenger window after the collision.

The dogs owner said “the dogs have had their driving privileges suspended.”