President Trump – Stands Firm Against The Chinese Communist Threat

President Trump’s administration’s aggressive stance against China and communism has been a wake-up call for China’s government and is not something Chinese officials are used to dealing with.

U.S. officials pried open the doors of the Chinese consulate in Houston on Friday and took over the building shortly after Chinese officials vacated the facility on orders from the federal government.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believes ‘Might makes right,’ the Trump administration is the first foreign administration the CCP ever met that also believes standing firm against China communism is the right thing to do and is not afraid to confront the CCP. The Trump administration is willing to bear the costs of standing firm, standing alone if necessary against China communism.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech about China said he is leading a reversal in decades old policy that championed the economic liberation of the Chinese people.

China has a very different political and ideological system, especially compared to free nations like the United States. For the past several decades, free nations mistakenly thought that engaging China, engaging the CCP, with economic liberation the CCP would change. That the Chinese system would become a more liberal and open society like ours.

President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo recognized that this assumption was wrong and it’s been wrong for several decades.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) want’s to become the sole world power and change the world order to fit China’s ideology.

Big-city ‘anarchists’ using George Floyd’s death ‘as a shield’

Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones said ““Leaders like Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler are failing to keep residents safe.”

Left-wing protests that have spiraled out of control in cities like Portland, Ore., are examples of a well funded anarchist movement, not a grassroots call for reform in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

You have a bunch of paid anarchists who are now trying to use George Floyd’s death as a shield when this has nothing to do with them. These people have their own agenda, they are anarchists and they are paid.

Jones said “that there is no accountability in municipal offices in these cities, saying leaders like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler have failed in their No. 1 responsibility: keeping residents safe.
Average Americans who don’t care about the politics of a Democrat or Republican Party, are fearful right now because they see what is happening to their cities.”

Jones added that he has spoken with residents of hard-hit cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore who underline that they don’t care where the help comes from, they just need it soon.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Covid-19 policy kills thousands

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing intense backlash for claiming that criticism over his controversial nursing home policy is “politically motivated.

Democratic governor Cuomo’s order in late March that forced nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for coronavirus aka covid-19 resulted in roughly 7,900 people have either been confirmed or presumed dead from COVID-19 in nursing homes in New York, according to the state’s health department.

That equates to approximately 25 percent of all covid-19 deaths in the state of New York have occurred in nursing homes, per the latest state total from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, whose husband lost both of his parents in nursing homes from COVID-19 amid the state’s controversial policy said “the criticism about your nursing home policy is not about politics. It’s about getting answers on why you helped spread Coronavirus through nursing home facilities. Blaming everyone else for your problems won’t make them go away.”

The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech said “Andrew Cuomo says criticizing him over his nursing home policy ‘is all politically motivated’. Pretty sure it’s motivated by the families of the New Yorker’s who died (in New York) nursing home facilities.”

Bill Hammond, Empire Center health policy director, refuted Cuomo’s claim by sharing all the reporting that’s been done on his nursing home policy, including The Associated Press, ProPublica, Jacobin Magazine, and New York Daily News.

Nancy Pelosi Blames President Trump for for hate crimes and deconstruction on Portland streets

Nancy Pelosi, said “Unidentified storm-troopers. Unmarked cars. Kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti. These are not the actions of a democratic republic. Trump and his storm-troopers must be stopped.”

I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing Nancy Pelosi’s response when she is facing a mob, rioters, arsonist and looters at her front door.

Blacks being ‘bamboozled, hustled and scammed’ by Democrats

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson Said “Low-income Blacks are being ‘bamboozled, hustled and scammed’ by Democrats.”

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson, ripped Democratic mayors such as Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot for blaming Republicans and the status of gun control legislation, among other things, for continued violent unrest in their jurisdictions.

Bob Woodson said “When low-income Blacks wake up and realize that they are being bamboozled and hustled and scammed by people like Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, and others, they are going to realize that they must address the enemy within.”

Woodson said “collateral damage are the lives of poor Blacks in these cities because what the left is doing is vilifying the police as agents of white supremacy and the more they are vilified (the police), the less aggressive police are about enforcing laws and the more the murder rate rises.”
Woodson further accused Democratic politicians of “systematic abandonment” of low-income African-American communities.

Republicans push resolution to ban Democratic Party over past slavery ties

Republican reps push resolution to ban Democratic Party over past slavery ties.
A group of Republican House members, led by Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas, introduced a resolution July 23, 2020 that would effectively ban the Democratic Party from the House or force a party name change over past slavery ties.

It specifically cites the Democratic Party platform’s support for slavery between 1840 and 1856, and other racist actions by party members through the early-to-mid 1900’s.

This resolution call’s on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to “remove any items that names, symbolizes or mentions any political organization or party that has ever held a public position that supported slavery or the Confederacy from the House and its properties. The resolution also says such a party “shall either change its name or be barred from participation in the House of Representatives.”

Louie Gohmert said “Democrat President Woodrow Wilson’s administration in 1912 began a racial segregation policy for government employees. By 1914, the Wilson Administration required a photo be submitted with each employment application.

As outlined in the resolution, a great portion of the history of the Democratic Party is filled with racism and hatred.

Louie Gohmert said “Since people are demanding we rid ourselves of the entities, symbols, and reminders of the repugnant aspects of our past, then the time has come for Democrats to acknowledge their party’s loathsome and bigoted past, and consider changing their party name to something that isn’t so blatantly and offensively tied to slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination, and the Ku Klux Klan.”

Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush – Black Raciest – Accused President Trump Wanting to “Instigate A Race War”

Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush who represents Chicago, accused President Trump of wanting to “instigate a race war.”

This raciest should be in Jail, not in the halls of Congress.

The Illinois Democrat claimed during an appearance on ‘The Joe Madison Show,’ Wednesday morning said “So he(President Trump) can rise up and say, ‘I’m the real grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and I’m the President. Reelect me.’ That’s what he’s trying to do.

Bobby Rush, Democratic congressman, who founded the Illinois Black Panthers, has a history of making provocative comments, including last month, when he likened Chicago’s police union to the KKK.

The Department of Justice said “January through June 23, 2020 “This weekend’s tally brought total shootings in Chicago to more than 1,500.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler attacked by rioters, criminals, arsonist and looters

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s tense visit with rioting protesters, where Wheeler was booed, told to resign and given a list of demands, ended with his security detail engaging in a struggle with rioting protesters late Wednesday night as they worked to get the mayor to safety.

While no rioting protesters appeared to physically harm Wheeler, once he was inside the building a few people tried unsuccessfully to push past Wheeler’s security team in an apparent attempt to get inside. Others threw water bottles and other projectiles at the glass door.

Portland Police declared a riot soon after the mayor left and tensions escalated between protesters and federal agents.

Other Portland citizens including business leaders, have condemned Wheeler for not bringing the situation under control before the federal agents arrived to protect federal property, buildings and employees.

When will the citizens of Portland say “this enough and must stop.”
What will it take to cause law abiding citizens to take-up arms and reestablish law and order to their city?

Black Slave Trade – Follow The Money Trail – by Karen Bass

Rep. Karen Bass, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, delivers remarks on removing confederate statues. Bass said “there are monuments to the people that enslaved my ancestors.

This is not a pretty story but Rep. Karen Bass omitted the true fact’s that slave trade was only possible because ‘black’ African slave traders kidnapped and sold other black Africans (Follow the money trail) to mostly European slave traders that then transported and re-sold Karen Bass’s ancestors to slave buyers in the America’s and other countries as well.

To right this wrong that occurred so long ago, Karen Bass and her family must renounce American citizenship, self deport and return to her ancestors home country, tribe, village and start a new life as a repatriated African woman, African family.

Anti-cop ‘mob’ swarms Back the Blue event in Denver

Black Lives Matter anti-cop ‘mob’ swarms Back the Blue event in Denver, bloodying several.

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli tweeted, ‘These tyrannical, left-wing anarchists hate free speech. If you do not agree with them, they believe you must be beaten down.

Black Lives Matter anti-cop demonstrators descended on a Back the Blue event in Denver blowing whistles, banging drums and, in some instances, throwing punches, forcing police to intervene.

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin posted several videos documenting the events as they unfolded. She said Black Lives Matter protesters swarmed the stage and attacked several women attending the pro-police rally, some using collapsible batons.

Lillian House, an organizer for the Party of Socialism and Liberation, said “any celebration in support of police is unacceptable.”

Hale Rardin, a Black Lives Matter supporter said “there’s not much else to say other than every cop here is a terrorist.”