Muslims Murder 10’s Of Thousands – News Sentinel Said “Christian” Is A Offensive Word

Cedar Springs Christian Store in Knoxville, Tennessee dumbfounded when the News Sentinel rejected their ad because it included an offensive word “Christian.”

The advertisement read: “Store closing sale – Cedar Springs Christian Store – Clinton Highway location – All merchandise, fixtures, slat walls must go.

This is a slap in the face of all Christians.

Cedar Springs Christian Store decided to tell their customers what happened in a Facebook posting.
It was simply titled, “Do you find the word ‘Christian’ offensive?”

A few readers comments.
“Considering how liberal this paper is…I take the apology with a grain of salt,” one reader wrote on Facebook.

Another wrote, “Don’t be offended Cedar Springs Christian Stores… Nobody has read the Knoxville News Sentinel in over a decade anyway. Spend your advertising dollars elsewhere.”

“I cannot believe they are doing this now. I am so glad I do not subscribe to them or give them my business. To not sell an ad because the store’s name has the word Christian in it is absolutely wrong. I guess if the store was called Cedar Springs Muslim store it would be published. I hate to tell them, but the majority of the people who live here proclaim to be Christian,” another irate reader added.


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