Trump, Putin, Syria and ISIS/ISIL

Vladimir Putin is honoring Russia’s commitment to it’s friend Syria. Coming to it’s aid in time of crisis.

The Syrian government ask Russia for military help against rebel and jihadist groups in 2015. Russian officials said apart from fighting terrorist organizations such as ISIS/ISIL, Russia′s goals included helping the Syrian government retake territory from various anti-government groups that are labeled by the U.S. and its coalition as ″moderate opposition″ to the Bashar al-Assad lead government.

It seems that at times the Obama administration is more concerned in ousting Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad than it is in defeating ISIS/ISIL in Syria.

Let us not forget or over look how many times the United States, France and the United Kingdom have intervened in what by definition was Civil Wars. These interventions were not always requested. The war in Syria is as much a Civil War as it is a war against ISIS/ISIL.

Just because the United States government lead by President Obama does not like how President Bashar al-Assad governs is not justification to conduct war against Syria it’s government and people in an attempt to install a president chosen by Obama, UK, NATO and the EU.

President elect Trump’s plan to join forces with Russia in defeat ISIS/ISIL forces in Syria before engaging in talks about Syria’s leadership is a good plan.


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