Crazy Woman Slashes Trump Sign – Threatens Owner

Woman slashes Trump sign in Florida because it ‘ruined her chill’

Seeing just one Donald Trump sign was enough to provoke a woman into a fit of anger. 30-year-old Elizabeth McSurdy of Oakland, Calif., whipped out a knife, slashed the sign and threatened to attack the owners of the business.

After her arrest McSurdy faced charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She posted $10,250 bond.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Woman Slashes Trump Sign – Threatens Owner

  1. I think that the left wingers, the socialist thinkers, the polity correct speak crowd, the Black lives matter bunch realizes that they have lost most of their clout and influence in DC with Trump in office. This scares the hell out of that crowd.


  2. I can’t understand how so many are so afraid and angry before he even gets a chance to try. We’ve had an awfully long time under politician rule (and how is that working out for us?) – who knows – the businessman’s style just may work out. I know the transition won’t be easy, but jeez, give it a chance.

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