Democrats said – White people should not be allowed to speak

Sally Boynton Brown, Idaho Democratic Party executive director, told an applauding crowd, that white people need to “shut our mouths” and that her job is to “shut white people down.”

The forum, hosted by MSNBC, included favorite Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; former Labor Secretary Tom Perez; Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene; South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg; New Hampshire Party Chairman Ray Buckley; and South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison. All seeking to take over the top DNC post.

The forum focused on race relations, in the Trump era, and included support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Boynton Brown said “This is a matter of life and death. My job is to make sure that they get that they(White people) have privilege and until we shut our mouths and we listen. My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”

Racism and Hate of White People is highlighted by democrats seeking to lead the DNC this vote for a new DNC leader will be in Atlanta, Ga., in late February.


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