Democrats Lie Again, said Betsy DeVos “will kill children”

Democrat Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair film critic saidEducation Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos is a danger to special education, could end public schooling and has plans that “will kill children.”

If that’s not bad enough, get a load of lies from other liberal socialist thinking democrats.
Bill Maher said on his “Real Time” show “Betsy DeVos is the worst person to be around schoolbooks since Lee Harvey Oswald.”

The New Republic urged readers not to “normalize Betsy Devos. Her views are simply much too dangerous.”

In fear of incompetent teachers being fired, The United Federation of Teachers called DeVos a “danger to special education,” while disabilities writer Elizabeth Picciuto wrote a piece for The Daily Beast saying she has “a special-needs son and Betsy DeVos scares me to death.”

John Fugelsang compared DeVos’ nomination to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, suggested her confirmation could threaten the “existence of public education.”

DeVos most telling tweet came on Jan. 31: “If confirmed, I look forward to fighting for quality education for all students.”

Liberals democrats, liberal socialist thinking, incompetent teachers and school administrators fearful of being fired have resorted to lies and fear mongering to keep their over paid, under worked jobs.


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