Steve Nelson, principal of the Calhoun School – Modern day Hate Monger

Steve Nelson, principal of the Calhoun School, (a New York City private school) fired off a hate filled email to parents blasting the president. He also said Trump’s election would be more devastating than Vietnam, Watergate and the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This Idiot would have us believe that he was more disturbed by Trump’s election than the sight of New Yorkers falling from the sky or the Twin Towers collapsing onto the streets of lower Manhattan.

Nelson believes President Trump is worse than the Muslim hijackers who flew jetliners into buildings and slaughtered thousands of Americans.

Liberals believe, conservatives who support traditional marriage and securing the border and gun rights are not just deplorable. They believe we are irredeemable deplorables. In other words, our beliefs make us beyond redemption.
That’s why liberal socialist, political correct thinking parents and teachers defended Nelson’s hate speech.

Biggest pile of Bull Shit I have seen in 20 years.
For the record. President Trump has never waged jihad against Americans nor has he assassinated a Civil Rights leader or napalmed a jungle in Vietnam.

And to compare those horrific atrocities with the president’s desire to make our nation great again is not just offensive it’s downright evil and hate speech at it’s worst.


One thought on “Steve Nelson, principal of the Calhoun School – Modern day Hate Monger

  1. I don’t think too much can be much worse than the JFK Vietnam War – while watching the Watergate trials and I saw my TV screen go black when it came out that the Dems had pulled the same thing. [frankly I don’t know what was behind MLK’s death – too many opinions are out there.]


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